Healing Is Possible

At Hope Tree, we believe that healing is possible for all people. Through providing holistic, compassionate, ecosystemic counseling services for people throughout all seasons of life, we strive to mend the whole person. Our services include animal and nature therapeutics, trauma informed care, play therapy, EMDR, and drama based therapies.

"There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature, the assurance that dawn comes after night - spring after winter."

Rachel Carson, A Silent Spring


Hope Tree offers clients at both of our locations the opportunity to receive sessions in nature, in the presence of animals, and/or in our offices. All Hope Tree therapists have a Masters or Ph.D. degree in counseling or social work and are state-licensed. In addition to a full range of traditional and foundational therapy options, we offer play therapy and animal-assisted and nature-assisted therapies. Medicaid and most private insurance accepted. We are currently welcoming new clients.

Play Therapy

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Animal and Nature Assisted Therapy

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Waterloo, Iowa

Therapists, garden, and animals in Waterloo, Iowa.

Hastings, Minnesota

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